7 Mobility Scooter Accessories Every Rider Needs

7 Mobility Scooter Accessories Every Rider Needs

After days or weeks of deciding which mobility scooter is exactly right for you, you’ve finally made your purchase. Congratulations!

Your scooter will help solve the mobility problems you’ve been up against and eliminate the worry of joint or back pain interfering with your life. If cared for correctly, your mobility scooter will last for years and help you maintain the quality of life you want to lead.

Before you hit the road, consider that there are tons of accessories that can enhance your mobility scooter experience. While a scooter itself is a great purchase, many mobility scooter accessories are designed to make traveling even easier. And remember, your scooter might not come equipped with a bag, bell, or safety flag!

Let’s take a look at seven affordable mobility scooter accessories that can enhance your ride.

1. Mobile Phone Holder

Similar to phone holders that can be installed in cars, phone holders for mobility scooters allow riders to attach their phone to the front of their scooter. These attachments let you look up directions, send a text message to the group you’re out with, or simply keep track of the time without stopping to dig through your purse or mobility scooter bag.

At around $30 -$40 per accessory, phone holders make for an affordable and worthwhile investment. To start exploring options, check out this cell phone holder, as well as this option that attaches to a scooter’s handlebar.

2. Cup Holder

A cup holder is a no-brainer for many, as it lets you keep beverages with you during a picnic, movie showing, or mall trip. Even if you don’t intend to take your drink with you after stopping at a restaurant, placing your cup on the floor of your scooter is unsafe and will likely result in a spill.

Hydration becomes more and more important as we age, and a cup holder can offer a visual reminder to drink water. Cup holders are extremely affordable as well—most cost between $25 and $50, like this EV Rider cup holder or this Enhance mobility cup holder.

3. Cane or Walker Holder

If you have complex mobility assistance needs, a cane or walker holder attachment can allow you to make choices about how you get around throughout the day. If you’d like to exercise your legs or walk into a store that is too compact for your scooter, having a cane or walker will let you make those decisions on-the-go.

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Additionally, in the unfortunate event that your scooter runs out of battery, you’ll be thankful you brought an alternate form of travel assistance with you. Cane holders are priced between $50 - $70 on average, like this Merits USA Cane Holder. Outliers like this Afikim Single Cane Holder are a bit more expensive at $150.

4. Armrest Saddlebags and Pouches

Scooter saddlebags and pouches easily strap on to the side, back, or front of your scooter for convenient storage of personal items and easy access, should you need to reach them while you’re in your scooter. Scooter bags also give you a space to store extra items—like a replacement battery in case your scooter dies or granola bars and sunglasses if you’re going on a nature walk.

While purses can do the same job that armrest saddlebags and pouches can, there isn’t always a place to put a purse in your scooter. If you don’t carry purses, items like a wallet and keys can easily fall out of your pants pockets. Most bags cost between $40 (like this EV Rider Standard Front Tiller Bag) and $80 (like this EWheels Large Saddle Armrest Bag).

5. Safety Flag

A safety flag could be the cheapest yet most used scooter accessory you own. At around $20, this mobility scooter flag is compatible with any type of scooter and can alert those around you to move out of the way or make necessary room for you and your scooter. An added bonus? The people traveling with you will be better able to spot your scooter from far away with a bright orange safety flag. For navigating crowded spaces like outdoor concerts or a busy day at the mall, a safety flag can help you stay tight with your group and remind strangers to make room.

6. Bell

Similar to a safety flag, a bell is a tool that alerts those around you to your mobility scooter. Bobbing and weaving through crowds isn’t as easy in a scooter as it is on foot. And, where a safety flag fails to alert people of your presence, a bell offers an auditory reminder for people to accommodate your ride as you get to where you need to go.

Bells also fall in the same price range as safety flags. If you feel one accessory will be more useful than the other, you don’t have to hem and haw about huge differences in price. But, if you’d like your scooter to be equipped with both accessories, you can purchase them without breaking your budget.

7. USB Connector

If you already know that you’ll need a mobile phone holder accessory, a USB connector can be a great compliment to that product. A USB connector allows you to charge your phone on-the-go and avoid the danger of a dead phone, should you need to get in touch with your group or look up directions. This $49 connector works for all models except Flagship.

Speaking of charging—a replacement battery could save your day, too. While this product is well over $100, getting stranded might cost you a similar amount. And, if fate is on your side, and you never need to use it, you can keep it as a replacement battery for when your scooter needs a new one.


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